The EM Normandie Grants

Welcome to the EM Normandie internal aid platform

EM Normandie and its Foundation finance social grants thanks to the generosity of its many donors in order to promote equal opportunities and social diversity within the school. 


EM Normandie students can benefit from 3 types of grants:


- An Emergency Assistance grant for students of the school in critical financial situations (medical, food or housing emergencies).


- A "Life's Uncertainties" grant: this is a reduction in tuition fees for students who have suffered a life event since they entered EM Normandie (death of a parent, loss of employment, illness, etc.). This grant is awarded in addition to the legal social aid, to cover tuition fees.


- An Academic Scholarship: this is a reduction in tuition fees for scholarship students (level 1 minimum) who obtained an average mark of more than 14/20 in each semester in their previous academic year at the School. Please note, however, that you can apply for this scholarship only in semester 1 of your current year.


To consult the rules and procedures for allocating the Student Hardship Fund, click here.


To know before applying:

The various types of EM Normandie grants are available only at the exclusive request of the student

These grants are awarded on the basis of social criteria (family and financial situation), academic criteria (attendance, involvement, opinion of the Director of Studies) and personal criteria (behaviour, consistency of lifestyle, compliance with procedures). Applications are examined as the students apply.

Following the submission of an application, the student receives a confirmation e-mail and an interview with the Personal Balance and Inclusion Department and/or the Welfare Officer can be proposed.

The Commission will examine the application and decide whether or not to award a grant. The student will then receive an e-mail indicating the decision.

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